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Maryland Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are thinking about buying your first home, about to purchase your first commercial real estate property, or have been in the real estate game for years, you need a strong and informed Maryland real estate attorney on your side. Real estate is a huge investment no matter which way you look at it, and one minor mistake in the buying, selling, renting, or ownership process can end up causing you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The Maryland real estate lawyers at Henault & Sysko Chartered are here to save you money and ensure that your real estate endeavors are stress-free and lucrative.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

At Henault & Sysko Chartered, our attorneys have decades of experience in helping clients settle their real estate disputes. Over the years, we have obtained insight into the world of real estate law that cannot be gleaned from books or seminars. Today, we feel confident in our abilities to represent clients in a number of real estate disputes and transactions, including but not limited to real estate litigation, commercial real estate transactions, settlement and settlement insurance, land disputes, and more. When you choose to work with our firm, you can count on our attorneys to provide the level of service that your real estate transaction or issue requires. Some of the real estate issues that our attorneys routinely deal with include:

  • Purchase and sale agreements for commercial and residential properties;
  • Loan document review and preparation;
  • Review and negotiation of offers to purchase;
  • Litigation of construction disputes and other construction real estate matters;
  • Representation at closing;
  • Real estate settlements;
  • Title examination, transfers, and searches;
  • Title claim matters;
  • Title and settlement insurance; and
  • Lease agreements.

We also assist landlords and tenants with rental disputes and provide solutions for either party. Some such solutions might include withholding rent, service notices of eviction, and the like.

Buyer and Seller Disputes

Some of the most common real estate disputes that we deal with involve buyers and sellers of property. Both buyers and sellers are upheld to strict standards once they involve themselves in real estate transactions. For instance, neither the buyer nor the seller can back out of a real estate transaction once contracts have already been signed. Sellers cannot misrepresent the property or force a buyer to purchase a property if inspections reveal issues that the buyer was lead to believe were taken care of. We can also advise both buyers and sellers on how to deal with properties that have contingencies upon them, such as easements, land use agreements, and boundaries.

Safeguard Your Investments With the Help of a Maryland Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are just breaking into the wonderful world of real estate or already own multiple properties, a Maryland real estate attorney can help you make the most of your investments. Call Henault & Sysko Chartered to learn more about how our team can help you.

Real estate land development and commercial transactions are far more complicated than settlement of a residential property. In Maryland, title to real property can be held in several ways such as “fee simple”, meaning absolutely, by joint tenancy by the entirely, tenancy in common, and life estates with or without powers of transfer, sale or mortgage. Because Maryland law is rooted in English common law, Maryland recognizes the right to title in a leasehold interest in real property, known as “ground rent”. Maryland is one of only a few states that permit ground rents. A ground rent payment is treated similar to paying interest on a mortgage for the land itself. Generally, Maryland ground rents are redeemable.

Contact Our Experienced Maryland Real Estate Lawyers Today

Attorneys at Henault & Sysko Chartered can help navigate the sale or purchase of real property, either through a realtor or a private sale by the owner, negotiate and prepare leases and contracts, prosecute zoning.

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