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Maryland Industrial Security Clearance Lawyer

Henault & Sysko Chartered helps government employees and employees for government contractors get and keep industrial security clearances to maintain employment with the government or obtain valuable government contracts. Our experienced Maryland industrial security clearance lawyers help individuals and companies with all manner of personnel security clearances (PCL) and facility security clearances (FCL), including clearing a company’s key management personnel and contractor personnel under DoD Directive 5220.6.

Help with the SF-86 security clearance application

The first steps in complying with the government’s investigation include supplying fingerprints, verifying your U.S. citizenship, and completing and submitting the Personnel Security Questionnaire SF-86. This questionnaire ranges across your entire life style and may go back as far as ten years, covering topics such as:

  • Your personal, family and marital history
  • Any criminal history, including law enforcement records
  • Your credit and financial history
  • Education verification
  • Employment history
  • Military history, including service records
  • Foreign travel, contacts and related experience
  • History of drug or alcohol use or abuse
  • History of computer and internet use or abuse

Completing this application honestly and completely is essential to moving forward in the clearance process. The SF-86 is reviewed by government and agency officials and verified by an investigator assigned to your case. If you are concerned that any information you supply may be viewed negatively, talk to an attorney at our firm before submitting the application. We can help you understand the ramifications of the information and how best to proceed in completing the SF-86.

Assistance with the background investigation and formal interview

The next step in the security clearance process involves a background investigation and in-person interview. Investigations of military personnel, military contractors and civil personnel who work for the DoD are performed by the Defense Security Service (DSS). Investigations for most other branches of the federal government are conducted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The interview is typically quite personal and in-depth and is geared toward determining how you will handle having access to classified information and whether you may pose a security risk. We can help you prepare for this interview to ensure that all answers are as honest and thorough as possible, while also clarifying or explaining any questionable aspects of your past revealed through the SF-86 or background investigation.

Representation in the denial, suspension or revocation of security clearance

In the event your application is denied, or if your security clearance is suspended or revoked, the attorneys at Henault & Sysko Chartered can represent you through the security clearance adjudication and appeals process. This process involves responding in a timely manner to the Statement of Reasons or Letter of Intent to deny your application, providing a detailed brief emphasizing mitigating factors on your behalf.

Get Help with Industrial Security Clearances from Experienced Maryland National Security Lawyers

Obtaining and maintaining an industrial security clearance may be essential to your employment, job security and advancement, or the livelihood of your business. Don’t take chances with such an important step in your career. Call Henault & Sysko Chartered in Maryland at 410-768-9300 for advice and assistance from dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced national security law attorneys.

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