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Washington DC Government Contracting Lawyer

Washington, DC, is a company town. And that “company” is the federal government. This means that for many private businesses, a government contract is the key to success. But obtaining–and keeping–a government contract is easier said than done. There is a complex set of procurement rules and security procedures that need to be followed. And these issues are only compounded when dealing with sensitive parts of the federal government, such as the Department of Defense of the the U.S. Intelligence Community.

To put it bluntly, you need help. The experienced Washington DC government contracting lawyers at Henault & Sysko Chartered can guide you step-by-step through the government contracting process. Our lawyers understand all areas of contracting law, from obtaining security clearances for your employees to negotiating the final agreements with federal agencies. Whatever your situation, we can provide skilled, professional representation that ensures you will not be caught unprepared for dealing with any issue that may arise during the contracting process.

Helping You Address Acquisition Regulations & Security Clearances

Startups and small businesses often find the government contracting process overwhelming. After all, how can a small shop ever hope to grasp–much less comply with–hundreds of pages of regulations? But the reality is not every government contractor is a big business. At Henault & Sysko Chartered, we work with businesses of all sizes when dealing with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), among other regulations.

In particular, if your business deals in engineering or technology, we can advise you on how to protect your work. Dealing with hi-tech equipment often raises special legal challenges, such as the need to protect intellectual property. We can therefore assist you by drafting appropriate non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, as well as developing licensing vehicles that ensure the government does not unfairly exploit your technology.

Additionally, when dealing with sensitive information or government locations, our lawyers can help you and your staff obtain any necessary security clearances. The security clearance process is itself fraught with potential peril. Government investigators typically demand a host of personal information from each applicant. And if a security clearance is denied–or revoked–for any reason, you may have as little as 20 days to respond or request an appeal.

Henault & Sysko Can Help You Succeed in Washington DC Government Contracting

Government contracting is ultimately a rewarding way to expand your business. But it is also challenging. A Defense Department contract is not a “handshake deal” you negotiate over a leisurely business lunch. It is the result of careful preparation, attention to detail, and a demonstrated ability to follow procurement regulations. In short, it is not something you should even attempt without the assistance of an experienced DC government contracting lawyer.

Henault & Sysko Chartered was founded by lawyers who are passionate about national security law and government contracting. Let us help your business succeed. Call us at 410-768-9300 to schedule an initial consultation so we can sit down and discuss your government contracting situation today.

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