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National Security Lawyer

National security law deals with the complexities of doing business with the federal government in the intelligence, national defense and homeland security arenas. Henault & Sysko Chartered helps government employees as well as government contractors and their employees navigate through these myriad of complexities by offering a wide range of services to assist clients in this narrow, highly focused and intense area of the law. Our experienced Maryland national security lawyers offer advice and representation in all of the following areas:

Appealing negative clearance decisions

Henault & Sysko Chartered helps individuals and government contractors obtain and maintain personnel security clearance (PCL) and facility security clearance (FCL) as needed, including representing clients who have had their application for security clearance denied or who have had their security clearance suspended or revoked. Founded by former members of the U.S. Intelligence Community, our firm has a deep understanding of the applicable laws and regulations relevant to security clearance decisions, including Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5220.6, Intelligence Community Policy Memorandum (ICPM) 704.2, and the 141-page National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM), also known as DoD 5220.22-M. Our lawyers are thoroughly familiar with the adjudicative guidelines which drive security clearance determinations, as well as the procedure for appealing adverse decisions.

Accused of violating federal law or obscure regulations

The government relies on high-tech tools to gather important foreign intelligence, but at the same time the government recognizes the privacy rights of its citizens to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Government contractors and employees involved in this important field of work may inadvertently run afoul of complex or obscure regulations, such as the 52-page directive of the United States Signals Intelligence Directorate, known as USSID 18. This directive requires intelligence-gathering activities involving the interception of electronic communication to be done in a way which minimizes US person information. Our firm was built by former National Security Agency officers who understand the different levels of protection and different categories of individuals and entities governed by USSID 18. We can help you comply with laws and regulations such as these, or defend you if you are accused of some technical legal violation.

Inspector General investigations

The office of the Inspector General may conduct investigations into government employees or contractors accused of misconduct, waste or abuse, or committing fraud against the U.S. government through defective pricing and fraudulent billing practices or allegations of other improper conduct. Lawsuits may be brought by the federal government or even private persons, with penalties reflecting triple the amount of harm alleged and other legal damages. Our firm offers strategic advice and representation from the start of any investigation through any legal proceedings which develop. We can also lead the company through internal investigations as well.

Advice and Representation from Dedicated, Experienced National Security Lawyers

Maryland national security lawyer Daniel J. Sysko and his associates at Henault & Sysko Chartered are experienced in the full realm of national security law, including security clearance defense, internal investigations, disciplinary matters, federal contract issues, development of corporate infrastructure, and related litigation. Contact Henault & Sysko Chartered in Glen Burnie, Maryland at 410-768-9300 for advice and representation regarding any legal need in the field of national security law.

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