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From a grateful client

Henault & Sysko are very knowledgeable in regards to all matters related to Intelligence Community, IC, security and this was very much on display in my case. Their experience and ability to relate IC policy to the matters at hand and provide justifiable argumentation was invaluable. I recommend their service highly. – Daniel

Legal Representation for Clearance Decision

Henault & Sysko represented me regarding a recent clearance decision. From the beginning, you could tell they had taken on many clearance cases in the past, as they was very knowledgeable of my situation and what was needed to provide a strong appeal. When I first spoke with them, Henault & Sysko were very realistic about the possible outcome, which I greatly appreciated. In the end, the clearance decision was overturned, which I attribute directly to the work conducted by Henault & Sysko. – Anonymous

Psychological security adjudication case

Henault & Sysko took on our difficult psychological security adjudication case and won. They were thorough in pulling together all the facts and in bringing in expert testimony. We are glad we chose them.– Anonymous

Security clearance case

Henault & Sysko were very honest and forthright about my case. They knew what evidence was needed and had the right people on retainer. The appeal they wrote was comprehensive and expertly defended my interests. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is having their clearance revoked.– Anonymous

Terrific Lawyer

A owe a great deal of gratitude to Henault & Sysko for taking my case. Through the approach they outlined and executed, my proposed clearance denial was overturned on appeal.

Having observed them working my case, they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced on DOD processes and procedures and have great interpersonal and communication skills.– Anonymous

Excellent, Aggresive, and Did Not Excessively Bill

Henault & Sysko provided a detailed, thorough, and aggressive defense of my case, which we won. They were fair in his billing. I did not feel they were attempting take advantage of me in terms of billed hours. I believe they provided me honest legal advice prior to taking my case.– Anonymous

Great Attorneys

Henault & Sysko delivered my family a handsome settlement. They did right by me and my family. What more can a person ask for from a law firm. For me, I was looking for value and that is what Henault & Sysko delivered for me. They represented me and my family in a very emotional and volatile Estate Challenge within my own family and delivered on the what they promised me that they would do. They kept me in line emotionally. They helped us win a nice settlement and handled the entire legal challenge we made with integrity. I thank God for Henault & Sysko and I highly recommend them to any person in the State of Maryland that wants a law firm that is honest and passionate about the law and taking care of their clients like if they were family. I endorse Henault & Sysko 100%.– Edward George Rakosky

Excellent Lawyer, would highly recommend!

I was referred to the Henault & Sysko firm by a family member. They were very professional, down to earth, and straight-forward. They met with me and although the situation was utterly frustrating and nearly brought me to tears, they walked me through it and put my mind at ease. My issue appears to have been addressed with a strongly worded letter, which was clearly written, concise, and leveraged all of the evidence I provided to them. I am glad that I had them in my corner and although I hope to not need him again, if I do, they will be the first call.– Anonymous

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